With London Collections: Men having completed its AW14 showcase last week, it’s important to highlight how menswear has changed over the years and how respected the men’s fashion scene has become to rival that of the womenswear industry. Marcus Jaye, better known as highly respected menswear blogger and journalist The Chic Geek, covers and attends key menswear events throughout the year, and has developed an opinion respected throughout the industry. As a knowledgeable icon on both the fashion and style side of things, the Foxhall blog team talks to Marcus about style tips, grooming tips and what to look out for in 2014.

NAME: Marcus Jaye
AGE: 34
LOCATION: South London
PROFESSION: Journalist/Blogger

Describe your personal style?

It’s that typically English scruffy look of tailoring and casualwear with a mix of spectacled Geek.

Favourite thing to do in London is…

London is so big there is never time to do anything twice!But do love the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Our brand focus incorporates Icons in Menswear. Who do you consider to be an icon?

This is always difficult because people have highlights in their careers and doesn’t necessarily look great over a long period. The one person who is always consistently immaculate is Prince Charles and he gets photographed a lot.

How importance is utility when considering your daily attire?

In Britain, you dress for the weather, so if it’s raining you wear something waterproof, everyday is different and so should you be.

The Foxhall team love The Chic Geek’s “How Tos”. What do you consider to be the most important aspects of the modern man’s grooming habits?

Get the basics right, so, good haircut, clean shaven or tidy beard and stay fairly natural. Avoid plucked eyebrows and fake tan.

We understand you attended London Collections: Men, were there any key trends emerging that you liked personally?

It’s hard to know the major trends until after Milan and Paris have shown. But, things I loved were the molecules at Christopher Kane and ruffled organza shirts at Richard Nicoll.

The item on my wishlist for the season is…

The MASEN puffer jacket. Nothing keeps you warm like down and this cropped shape looks great with jeans.

And finally, one wise tip for our readers?

Be the best of your type, so, if you’re short, fat and ugly, be the best short, fat and ugly guy and make sure you wear it with confidence.

Learn more from Marcus’ website here at www.thechicgeek.co.uk

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