The Golden Globe Awards 2014


Yesterday saw the prestigious 2014 Golden Globe Award ceremony, attended by some of the most well-dressed A-listers from the acting community. We at Foxhall prioritise utility and function within our clothing, but that doesn’t mean we disregard our appreciation for clean aesthetic and true style. The Golden Globe Awards saw some extremely well dressed men with impeccable tailoring, and something we appreciate at Foxhall is a well-fitted suit.

Our MAYHEW tailored jacket is designed to fit the lean silhouette, providing a shape that compliments the male figure. As mentioned previously, utility remains a priority, and combined with the jacket’s style are a series of inner pockets designed for the urban gentleman’s day-to-day needs. The RAKEWELL tailored trousers are made from the same fabric and colour required for the suit look, which is finished off by the CAXTON white shirt, a double cuffed Italian cotton shirt for the smart, luxe feel. An impeccable smart look for evening attire.

ImageImage(Getty Images and AP Images)

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