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With the push of London men’s fashion and the balance between utility and style, the importance of shirting is becoming greater with the urban gentleman’s urge to dress smart and fashionably yet retaining all forms of comfort. Whether you’re wearing your shirt to work, or preparing for the night ahead, you can never find too many of the classic essential within your wardrobe. The Foxhall Design Team has taken repeated efforts to create Foxhall’s signature shirts, creating a fitting that is both extremely modern and perfect for the urban man, having taken into consideration the demands of Foxhall’s clientèle. Today, The Foxhall Blog Team brings you 10 minutes with The Foxhall Design Team.

Why do you consider the shirt such a staple for Spring/Summer 2014?

A shirt that fits well is one of life’s genuine small pleasures. Think about it next time you’re getting dressed. Most of what makes a good shirt stand out from a mediocre one is its fit, so we focused a lot of our energy on making a Foxhall shirt fit beautifully.

What makes the Foxhall shirt fit beautifully exactly?

Before we made our first shirt we pencilled a little philosophy of what a Foxhall shirt should be: Above all it should fit perfectly: tailored to your body’s form, so you see a sharp silhouette. The tailored fit shouldn’t make you uncomfortable – sacrificing comfort for style seemed like a poor trade-off – we avoided it by getting a balance of comfort and tailoring. You could say our philosophy on shirts is balance.

We dissected a lot of great shirts through many many fittings, and we’ve been fine-tuning the range since we launched utilising our clients’ feedback as well.

What is it about the cut of the shirt that makes it “Foxhall”?

Firstly it’s darted at the back, which gives a body contoured shape. Then, we’ve taken out excess weight so there’s minimal billowing in the arms, chest or waist – that can be irritating for a clean tuck. And the sleeve length and overall drop is generous without being oversized.

Is it right that there’s just one fit of shirt in your line?

Exactly right. We make just one fit of shirt, and then that great shape can be found in our formal, smart, casual and seasonal styles.

At the top end is the formal CAXTON in exceptional Italian cotton with double cuff, French placket and box pleat. Up there with the very best. Then there’s the smart work-day/night-out SAEBERT with crisp collar and front panel with embroidered branding detail.  And then the casual Blake – the weekend shirt – you can tell it by its front chest pocket and dropped back yoke branding.

So what you’re saying is if the Foxhall fit works for you, there’s a shirt for every occasion in your line-up.

Exactly right.  If we’re missing something – let us know!

Get the look: CAXTON white formal shirtBATTEN burnt red cardiganCOLERIDGE black coatRUDGE raw denimFELTON charcoal boot




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