10 minutes with the Foxhall Design Team: the SS14 Collection


Foxhall celebrates its 2nd summer season, maintaining the urban theme throughout its collection by designing function-first pieces for the London man. With a sleek, London-inspired collection, Foxhall reveals its first ever overarching theme to the spring/summer 2014 collection, explaining the concept behind “Urbancode”, which highlights the brand’s foundations in combination with London themed product names. Continuing from the success of Foxhall’s first footwear collection, the upcoming season will also see summer footwear, utilising Foxhall’s key attributes – sleek; functional and contemporary. To find out more about the collection, we introduce our 10 minutes with the Foxhall Design Team.

Tell us a bit about Foxhall’s up and coming spring/summer 2014 collection.

It’s our 2nd summer season and we’re looking very forward to our clients’ seeing it. We learnt a lot from our first summer collection: what clients loved, what they didn’t and what they were still looking for from us. For summer 2014 we’ve worked hard to develop a sleek, focused collection. It’s full of contemporary, easy to wear pieces with a more technical focus; the fit is great and there are fantastic seasonal colours with amazing quality fabrics.

For the first time there is an overarching theme to the collection – “Urbancode”.

While we’re still new to many people it’s important to get the message out there of what Foxhall is about. Officially we do sleek, forward-looking British urbanwear with a technical focus. What the Urbancode theme does is allow us to bring that story out in interesting ways that are relevant to our clients.

We celebrate London life and design for it – the weather, transport, the occasions our clients need to be dressed for – and hopefully the stories surrounding this collection will help to do that.

For SS14 we’ve shot on location again in the London areas that inspire us at the minute – as the season develops we’ll explore the urban fabric of these areas and hopefully have some interesting conversations – hence the title ‘Urbancode’.

What are the highlights of the collection?

You’ll notice a shift to urban technicalwear – outerwear especially is more technically oriented, yet still uses iconic British shapes – the blazer, the raincoat – but executed in sleek tech fabrics with metal and rubberised hardwear that combine to form a powerfully functional, masculine style.

This ‘Urbantech’ theme flows through to our summer trousers, where shapes and silhouettes are brought to life in hardwearing cotton drills and sleek hardwearing trim. Chinos, contemporary cargos, smart, casual and jersey shorts, and new swimming trunks – there’s a lot of newness in there that we’re excited about.

Are you continuing footwear for summer?

Yes absolutely. The AW13 Footwear launch has been encouragingly well received, and we’re building on that with a range of summer styles – white soled Derbys and Oxfords in contemporary perforated suedes and leathers, super-sleek summer desert boots and our take on a contemporary staple the moccasin driving shoe. There’s something there for every summer occasion.

What are your favourite pieces?

We love the CATESBY Tailored Tech Blazer – it’s an iconic outerwear shape executed in technical fabric with urban-appropriate trim – it’s lightweight, modern, and functional too with sealed seams for rain and wind protection.

Also – the HOGARTH Tech Biker – Hogarth has been a successful shape for us previously in Leather, Wax Cotton and Cotton Drill – we’ve now brought it into the technical fold with a sophisticated 2-layer fabric – it looks and feels amazing and the Hogarth fit makes it great to wear. It’s also nicely water and wind resistant.

Where do you get your product names from?

Our products are named after famous Londoners past and present – it’s a good way to honour their contribution to making London great and also indirectly connect our styles to London life, which is what they’re all designed for. Four seasons in we haven’t run out of nice-sounding names yet, but the search is getting less easy with each new style.

Any final word on the collection to leave our readers with?

Check out the Polo colours this season – they’re fantastic. Also – some really lovely shirting fabrics coming – all the best colours of summer right here.


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