The Cade t-shirt…


While talking about the t-shirt may be nothing new, it doesn’t take anything away from the status the basic t-shirt upholds. As a wardrobe staple that is fit for practically any occasion, Foxhall believes you can never have too many plain t-shirts. Whether you’re wearing a plain white t-shirt with a pair of denim jeans or underneath a two-piece black suit, you can feel prepared for any casual or smart occasion with the short-sleeve essential. Today however, we aren’t just praising the power of the t-shirt, but instead we’d like to talk about how the t-shirt has shaped Foxhall.

The plain, fitted navy t-shirt is specially regarded within Foxhall. The t-shirt was the original inspiration for the Foxhall brand – Foxhall wanted to create something that was of great quality and was perfectly fitted. It was important that the t-shirt held its colour and shape after multiple washes, which is made possible by the lightweight premium cotton jersey. Shape was an important factor as Foxhall wanted something that provided a fitted look across the chest and arms, but maintained a comfortable, relaxed look, by being looser around the waist. The final product CADE comes in navy, grey, white and black and is a true representation of Foxhall’s style and appreciation for sleekness. Foxhall challenge anyone to find a better fitting t-shirt anywhere else – and if you do, we’ll give them a t-shirt ourselves.

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