The colours of Foxhall

Foxhall Colours

With the fresh release of Foxhall’s SS14 collection, we’re treated to new editions of signature pieces including the GARRICK hoodie and STOWE chinos, providing wardrobe staples for the urban man’s needs. As well as a new footwear and accessories range, which will soon be featured on the Foxhall blog, we talk to the Foxhall Design team briefly to introduce the inspiration behind Foxhall’s classic colours.

“For Foxhall’s second summer collection we’ve looked at a palette that will work in an urban environment and inject a lightness and freshness to everyday life. This means there’s a great spectrum of blues: indigo, ultramarine, dark denim, nautical and aqua, which complement classic trouser colours like stone, navy and and olive.  Then when the weather warms up and people head out and wear less, the palette brightens further with a great cherry red, slight pink and orange. It’s perfect for summer, and very Foxhall.” 

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