Your 7 Summer Outerwear Essentials – The Garrick hoodie


Earlier this week we revealed the beginning of our 7 Summer Outwear Essentials, where the Foxhall team will be highlighting 7 key pieces from the new spring/summer ’14 range. We believe these pieces build and define the essentials of the urban man’s wardrobe, preparing you for the pleasures and pursuits of London life. We began with the Wren raincoat – a technical tailored ¾ length raincoat, which balances both sleekness and practicality. Today we bring back a classic and a Foxhall favourite – the Garrick softshell hooded sweater.

This hoodie needs no introduction, having been showcased last year when the first editions of red and navy were released, which is something you can read here. The Garrick hoodie had developed such a strong following that it was an essential we had to bring into the new season. Like all our key essentials, it remains lightweight and easy to pack away when the sun really begins to shine. Our favourite aspect of the Garrick hoodie is the softshell material, which is breathable, well insulated and water resistant. On top of that, it simply feels great.

New to this season is the black colourway, which pairs nicely with the classic Foxhall navy.

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