Your 7 Summer Outerwear Essentials – The Talent cagoule


Before we begin the next of our 7 Summer Outwear Essentials series, Foxhall hopes you enjoyed your four day Easter break, providing you plenty of time to explore the sunny streets of the city. We’re hoping some of you stopped by the store to take a look at our spring/summer 2014 offering, as well as indulge in some Foxhall easter eggs.

Today we introduce the Talent jacket. The urbantech jacket has been part of the Foxhall wardrobe for some time, though this summer it receives the new revamp, coming now in bright colours (red and blue) to match the sunny weather we hope to grace London.

The Talent jacket is extremely lightweight, rolling conveniently into any bag. Like all Foxhall jackets, utility and fit are still a priority, with the tailored fit Talent jacket offering rainshower protection, detailed with elasticated waistbands and cuffs to ensure your jacket stays firmly put when the wind begins blowing.

And just in case you missed the other parts of the series…

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