Your 7 Summer Outerwear Essentials – The Wren Raincoat


Today we introduce the first of the series ‘Your 7 Summer Outerwear Essentials’, where the Foxhall team will be highlighting 7 key pieces from the new spring/summer ’14 range. We’ve chosen to spotlight these pieces because they build and define the essential men’s wardrobe, providing a piece of outerwear ready for any occasion. And as we know how sporadic the London summer can be – we know this guide is exactly what you’ll need to be prepared for the pleasures and pursuits of urban life.


The Wren raincoat. New to the Foxhall wardrobe, the tailored ¾ length coat was designed to be both sleek and practical. Both waterproof and lightweight, the coat is optimised to fit nicely into your bag providing the weather gets too warm, but for those who are used to the occasional UK shower, the coat provides protection ensuring you stay dry without heating up from a thick coat. The sleek cut remains true to the Foxhall fit, and is certainly one we’re proud to showcase as a contemporary coat, with detailed finishes such as mini-umbrella stowage, the bright orange lining and the modern, ribbed collar.

Our recommended look? Try the Saebert fine grey stripe shirt, and pair it with the Stowe stone cargo trousers.



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