Foxhall’s favourite things about London – Seven Dials


(image from the Seven Dials website)

London has been very kind to us recently, providing us with weather rare to those who have long lived within the English capital. Our brand was inspired by the history of London, and our ethos has been built upon the pleasures and pursuits of the lively city, pushing us to make clothing that is sleek so as to impress, but is technical so as to prepare. Here at Foxhall we’re excited about all things revolving around the capital, whether it’s the gentrification of specific areas, or the liveliness which surrounds the evenings, so as a result we thought we’d highlight one of our favourite spots, starting with the home to Foxhall’s shop, Seven Dials.

Seven Dials finds itself in the heart of London, located in Covent Garden. Dating back to the 1600s, Seven Dials was originally meant to be six converging roads, which was later increased to seven, maximising room for accommodation. The noteworthy sundial pillar which stands in the centre of the area remains a popular spot to rest and bask in the sun, and is located just steps away from the Foxhall store. We’re lucky to be situated in an area that’s surrounded by exciting menswear brands and emerging talent, as well as traditional street vendors and fragrant street food.

If you find yourself swamped by the busy Covent Garden Piazza, make your way down to Earlham Street and stop by. Seven Dials is just the first of our favourite places to introduce, but be prepared for what we’ve got in store for SS14. It’s big.



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