Your 7 Summer Outerwear Essentials – The Mayhew Sports Jacket


As we near the end of our 7 Summer Outerwear Essentials, we understand that the urbanite demands more than sleek, technical jackets, and that some evenings in London will require something smarter. Tailored fits have always been a key element of Foxhall’s wardrobe, and this is something that isn’t just evident throughout our t-shirts and technical jackets, but also through our tailoring in the form of smart shirting and in this particular highlight, the Mayhew jacket.

The Mayhew jacket is a tailored sports jacket which not only works well with the Rakewell trousers, but also any pair of denim jeans in combination with our collaborative footwear. Versatile to wear to the office and then to after-work events, the suit jacket has become a must-have for all Londoners, central to the man’s wardrobe. Tailoring has always been a point of interest across all sectors of the menswear industry, and this is Foxhall’s offering. Sleek, tailored and multiple pockets for your electronic goods. Our top tip? Avoid doing both buttons up on a suit – it’s certainly noticeable. Untitled-1


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