Things to do… Redchurch Street – For the Bank Holiday

things to do 2With one day left of the bank holiday weekend, we wanted to highlight some nice options of where to relax while you dine throughout the forecasted mild day. Last time we highlighted some of the finer options of Redchurch Street, but for this series of the Urbancode, we’ve chosen some of the places that are more unique to Redchurch Street, offering sought after experiences not often found around the bustling city of London.

Story Deli

A Foxhall favourite and Foxhall founder Martin’s personal “best pizza of London”, Story Deli is located minutes walking distance from Redchurch Street. An alternative to the chunky style of New York pizzas, Story Deli pizzas are served on wafer thin bases. The base is more of a plate for the toppings, which are served messily across to provide a very rustic, fresh appeal.

Allpress Coffee

People in London love coffee culture, and there’s always a preference for where the best independent coffee is served in London. Following the rustic theme, Allpress serves your classic coffees and fine pastries while you sit admiring the coffee churning process through opaque windows. Great for an urban pitstop to fuel your urban exploration. They’re also Australian in case you missed our T2 interview yesterday…

Franze and Evans

Brunch, lunch and dinner are served in this homely Mediterranean restaurant. It’s practically always busy, and rightly so because the food is delicious. Most food is sourced locally which means you really are dining the Redchurch experience, and as far as East London goes, it fits in well with its rustic, alternative but homely vibe, and sometimes, that’s exactly what we need when we want to get away from our Foxhall Seven Dials hub.


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