Urbancode: Introducing Redchurch Street

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To start off our Urbancode series we wanted to talk about a street that’s changed incredibly fast in the recent years, essentially epitomising gentrification. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, Redchurch Street caters to high calibre menswear, ever-changing displays of creative graffiti, rich coffees and delicious dining. With a street that juxtaposes the rugged essence of East London alongside clean-cut, sleek restaurants, Redchurch Street has become a point of interest for Londoner’s all around, as well as attracting keen tourists from all over the world.

The local area was historically one of the most run down slums in London during the 19th century, providing some of the worst living conditions seen in England, popularly documented in Arthur Morrison’s prestigious novel “A Child of Jago”. Named after the first redbrick church of this area, Redchurch Street remains as one of the few remnants of an historic street pattern on the fringes of inner London.

Foxhall wants to highlight Redchurch Street as part of the Urbancode series as the area truly signifies gentrification and the slow-but-steady changes that occur throughout London. Through development of areas such as Redchurch Street, Shoreditch has become a noteworthy location for fashion enthusiasts and bar go-ers, providing stand-out places to go for those occasional business meetings, or places to un-wind in the evening hours.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we highlight our favourite places to go on the street, with expert opinions from various industries and interviews with local shop owners.


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