Things to do in… The Great Sugar Highs of Soho

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Things to do in… The Great Sugar Highs of Soho

One post wouldn’t be able to justify the opportunities for pleasures and pursuits in Soho. Soho has become synonymous with pleasure, hosting to some of London’s most vibrant hotspots and dining experiences. Sugar is essentially the new cocaine – but it’s legal and it’s everywhere, and people are definitely finding some new ways in delivering this sweet substance to the low-blood sugared masses. We’ve decided to highlight four of our favourite international places to satisfy our taste buds in the warm climate we’ve been gifted with in London.

Gelupo: Truly a unique gelato experience, the use of seasonal produce makes the Italian ice-cream extremely refreshing and satisfying. The odd choices such as chocolate and black pepper are very interesting, and the team are fans of the bitter chocolate.

Princi: If something cold isn’t your choice, Princi is a valid option for modern dining. The Wardour Street Artisan bakers provide a great lunch-time meeting location, supplying the Italian touch of baking alongside a classic coffee.

Hummingbird Bakery: The cupcake trend has certainly been waning, but you can’t deny a cupcake of its place amongst the best of sugar highs.

Bubbleology: Bizarre, and the epitome of good sugar marketing, bubble teas are the new fix for those who have abandoned the cupcake. Sugar in one of its most peculiar liquid forms.


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