10 minutes with… The Foxhall Design Team: The T-Shirt

Foxhall T-Shirt

Here at Foxhall we have always been proud of our t-shirts. We pride ourselves on our signature fit – it is both fitted and relaxed, providing something of great quality which ultimately inspired the Foxhall brand. With the introduction of our new graphic t-shirts, we talked to the Foxhall Design Team about the inspirations behind the T collection.

How has the t-shirt grown throughout the collections?

We’ve become more confident in our graphic style – you can see that there’s a clear Foxhall graphic language developing, giving us a recognisable signature that we can riff on in different ways each season.

Were the t-shirt locations chosen for particular reasons?

We choose the locations based on 2 criteria –1) is the place slightly non-obvious in a way that Londoners from those areas will recognise the places and smile, and 2) whether the name is kind of lyrical-sounding and will look good as a t-shirt graphic. Places like Serpentine, Whitechapel and Columbia Rd are pretty well known but they’re beautiful names and look great on a T. Falconwood, Three Colts Lane and Ironstone Spring are more obscure but they sound beautiful and look great graphically. Our other favourites are Houndsditch and Ice Wharf. That’s how it works.

Who can you imagine wearing the t-shirts?

Our T-shirt line breaks three ways – you have the relaxed fit Kray, which is a perfect everyday T focused on comfort but still with a great fit. These usually have our boldest graphics – and our Foxhall Standard is a best seller here; people love the unicorn. Then you have the Cade T which is a finer cotton and a more body-conscious fit – fitted across the chest and arms but still comfortably loose around the waist. In Cade we have the plain classics – in navy, white, grey and black, and the graphics – with the London placenames we were discussing above. Most of our clients have a combination of each T style – they each do something a bit different for a different occasion: Kray is a casual weekend T, Cade Graphic is a going out/clubbing T and Cade Cotton is a more classic elegant/layering T.

Where do you find your main inspirations for designs?

The great thing is that Foxhall is grounded in the story of urban London – both past, present and future – so we have an endless well of inspiration to draw on.   We have used the 1661 date – which is when the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens opened – in the past, and you’ll see for AW14 we’re focusing on the futuristic aspects of London.

What’s your favourite t-shirt in the collection?

There are probably 2 – the Navy Cade Cotton – it’s a classic that is a total wardrobe essential. And then the Pleasure Forever styles – it’s such a great line for a T-shirt – and clients are really drawn to them season after season.

Shop the CADE and the KRAY styles.


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