Winter “Weather Bomb”

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Winter “Weather Bomb”

The Met Office has issued a warning that the UK is going to hit by winds of up to 80mph, which really is something we have only learnt to expect with London’s standard weather. It’s winter and it’s London – it’s going to be dank and cold.

Dubbed as the “Weather Bomb”, indications are we’ll need more than just de-icer for our cars and urban preparations might be required. If you’re going to be around & about the city and you need more than just boots for the weather, we definitely recommend picking up a few easy access accessories to prepare you for the chills.

While it might be a bit windy for a FARADAY umbrella, the compact accompaniment fits snugly within the specifically-designed pockets of the COLERIDGE coat, and living in this climate you can never be too overprepared for rain. Wrap up your hands with the ORWELL gloves, which incorporate a new Tech-Touch function that allows you to use your smartphone/tablet even with the biting winds. Finally, you can never go wrong with a TODD beanie. An urban essential to counteract the faults of a fedora on the windier days.

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