Craft Beer Taste-Off: The Result

It was a Foxhall First: a Craft Beer Taste-Off.

In the red corner we had Liquid Mistress, a seductive and dark beer full of rich burnt raisins. It was heavy and heady experience. The nose offered an interesting interplay between lemon infused blood orange and biscuity, toffee topped malts. Whilst in the mouth there played an intriguing aroma variety, ranging from a fresh, fruity bitterness to an earthy sweetness.

We found Liquid Mistress to be a serious beer, ideal for sitting back in a dark wood paneled London pub to read the weekend editions. We all made a note to find the nearest pub with this on tap for the following weekend!

In the yellow corner we had Epic Saison, a complex but much lighter beer that kept everyone guessing. On the nose, the hops deliver a big splash of tropical fruit, followed by ripples of well-seasoned spiciness. In the mouth a tangy, bittersweet fruitiness holds sway, while tangerines danced across the tongue in the finish.

We found the Epic Saison to be an easy-drinking beer, perfect for long summer nights in London. It’s a no brainer really, when you find out the beer was originally brewed to be consumed in the summer!

Both beers went down so well that we had a hard time having a ‘Taste-Off’. By the end of the night it seemed there was not even an honest divide but an honest love for both beers.

A big ‘cheers!’ to our participants Wild Beer Co and Siren Craft Beer for supporting Foxhall’s first Taste-Off. Look out for our next one in a few months time…


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