#UrbanPleasureGarden: Singapore Edition




London is clearly our Pleasure Garden. But we’re always interested to find somewhere in the world that expresses our idea of modern urban lifestyle outside of Zone 1…

Overrun with a wild plantscape, with verdant layers sprouting from the first-floor terrace and the sloping roof, this Singaporean house looks like an abandoned structure covered with weeds.

“We were romanticising the idea of the house resembling a kind of concrete ruin overrun with the wild in reaction to the glassy, mostly over-sized houses mushrooming in this middle class residential estate” says Alan Tay of Formwerkz Architects.





The house has been introverted to safeguard the privacy of its occupants in reaction to the towering neighbourhood next door where most of the rooms overlook the compound. “We were interested in creating a kind of connected communal space, spread across the three floors,” explained Tay.

The greenery continues inside the house, where a staggered series of planters lines one wall of the atrium that connects all three storeys of the building.  “We were also looking for opportunities to expand the amount of garden space within the tight site,” he added. “The terracing concept affords a spatial framework to bind these two interests together.” A large skylight above the atrium allows enough natural light for the plants, which include trees that create continuity between several storeys.






A modern pleasure garden we can get excited about. Please share any of your own urban discoveries with us – we’d love to learn about them:  info@foxhalllondon.com




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