Beautiful Things: Aandersson

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“Deconstructing is to deform a rationally structured space so that the elements within that space are forced into new relationships.”


Philadelphia-based creator of ceramics Ian Anderson, of Aandersson Design, creates deconstructed and highly sophisticated designs…  which to some extent belie his age; he’s in his early twenties.


Marked by an off-kilter yet perfect geometrical appearance, Anderson says his cast porcelain process seeks to “deconstruct common forms in a way that maintains their functionality.” And, although his inspirations are utilitarian to the core–at times even bordering on spartan–his pieces still possess a certain sense of luxury.  Quite a Foxhall-like approach to design then; maybe that’s what drew us to this…

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Because the pitcher is made through a slip casting process (letting the clay set inside a mould), it’s much thinner and more delicate than a clay object created with a potter’s wheel. Adding to its intrigue is a juxtaposing textural element; the inside of the pitcher is glazed while the outside remains raw clay.

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Aandersson’s Oden Pitcher made in grey is available to order from Aandersson’s website, so the Evian and San Pellegrino bottles can be banished from your table forever…

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