#CoolConcrete: Mollens Edition


In Mollens, Switzerland, can be found a community shelter nestling among the trees, hills and stones.

Simple and natural, with a strong mineral expression that lets the bold build work with, rather than against the landscape, the shelter is centred between two ancient stone buildings in amongst fields of cows. All angles, sharp lines and towers reaching to the sky, the building is made entirely of natural concrete.


The interior continues the design’s minimalist code: rooms are left largely undecorated with an extra large meeting table forming the centrepiece. The real draw, however, is the oversized window which looks out across the valley and snowcapped mountains, framing the spectacular views and drawing light into the modernist cabin.





This is some concrete we can get excited about – even if the slightly monastic tone is maybe a touch more spartan than we’d choose if it was our lounging space in Switzerland….  Feel free to share with us the cool concrete that gets your pulse up.


Urban (and other) discoveries welcome at: info@foxhalllondon.com

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