Creative Class: Callum Vincent

We present the first in our ‘Creative Class’ series, a column focusing on creative Londoners – people we like and admire doing progressive, entrepreneurial things in a creative field.

Callum Vincent is a stylist living in London.  He has created work for publications such as Noctis, valstrom, Fucking Young, 1883, works closely with the music artist Syron and styled our upcoming Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign and look book.

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What was the career path that lead you to your current role?

I have always had an interest in arts and fashion which lead me to study photography and styling at London College of Fashion. Ever since this I have been working as a stylist in some kind of way, until more recently have taken it totally freelance.


How does the creative process apply to the field that you’re in?

Attending higher education, I had the need for concepts and aesthetic building drilled into me, and I still document interests and inspiration in sketchbooks and scrapbooks to this day.  When working with a team on a project, we all bring ideas to the table which is then laid out against the original briefs.  I’m also very hands on in my editorial, I often make commissioned pieces for the shoot to run along side brands that I have loaned from PRs.


How do you manage ‘inspiration’?

Inspiration for me can be pulled from different things, I have quite a lot of darker rock references in my personal editorial which I pull from old rock memorabilia and art work. At the moment I seem to have been drawn to taking inspiration from uniform: the cold, clean shapes and silhouettes. I often look at old imagery for this as well as postcards are a good one.


How is London good for your inspiration?

London is a giant creative hub and there is lots here to see. The only problem with there being so many stylists that the resources are often limited. This is why I commission pieces and use vintage still, thus keeps my imagery that little bit different.


Favourite fun spot in London and why?

Some of my friends are like family, I’ve known them that long now, so their company is always guaranteed fun. London is a great city just to walk around: I still find new places and little treasures hidden away.


Places in London you like to eat?

I love fish and Japanese food. Randall and Aulbin is a firm favourite I’ve been visiting since my first year in London. Mommi, new Japanese Peruvian restaurant in Clapham.

Tell us about a London postcode close to your heart.

SE – South East: I started there when I first moved here in halls of residence and having lived North and East I’m back SE where I have been for 5 years now. A part of me feels at home here now and think it will probably be where I’d like to stay.


What tickles you culturally?

I’m still a sucker for London galleries. Having been in London 9 years they never bore me. We have access to some of the best visiting galleries in the world.


What’s your favourite piece of the Foxhall Collection and why?

I have a bit of an addiction for coats, they are such a timeless piece. My wardrobe has so many that when I bring them all out every AW season they still feel new. For AW15 I particularly love the grey long Coleridge coat and in black as well – both very clean and refined in such a beautiful wool.


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