BEAUTIFUL THINGS: Lexus Hoverboard





It’s not smoke and mirrors — it’s gas from the liquid nitrogen used to cool the hoverboard’s superconductors and magnets that emanates from the board….  we’ll just let that settle in for a minute.  On top of which – in sleek bamboo with the current Lexus aesthetic, could it possibly look any cooler?


The hoverboard’s design features a balance of crafted details, modern materials and technical innovation. Inspired by classic skateboarding and Lexus design principles, the result is a perfect balance of the natural and high tech.

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Unfortunately the Lexus Hoverboard is not for sale (yet) and anyway, we still have a while longer to wait until Transport for London create a lining of magnets underneath the entire surface of London for it to work…  happy dreaming.

In case you don’t believe any of this, check the hoverboard out in action here:

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