A tree-filled courtyard is glimpsed through the shimmering glass-brick facade of this house in Hiroshima.


Constructed beside a busy road, a thing many of us Londoners can understand, the architect, Horishi Nakamura wanted to create a private oasis.  An oasis where as you see the movements of people and traffic beyond the walls “the serene soundless scenery of the passing cars and trams imparts richness to life in the house,” said the architect.


As light filters through the glass it creates dancing patterns across the walls and over a group of maple, ash and holly trees.



“The facade appears like a waterfall flowing downward, scattering light and filling the air with freshness,” said the architect. An open living room is located just behind and is only separated from the garden by a lightweight metal curtain.




This was a modern pleasure garden we can get excited about and we hope you do too.


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