Whoever wanders around Saigon, a chaotic city with the highest density of population in the world, can easily find flower-pots cramped and displayed here and there all around the streets. This interesting custom has formed the amused character of Saigon over a long period of time and Saigonese love their life with a large variety of tropical plants and flowers in their balconies, courtyards and streets.


But now a new home in the centre of Saigon has taken this to a new level….



Named “Stacking Green” for its tropical, unique and green house likeness; its façades filled with vigorous and vital greenery.



In the morning and the afternoon, the sunlight enters through the abundance of leaves on both façades, creating beautiful shadow effects on the granite walls, which are composed of strictly stacked 2cm stones.


Just as Foxhall is created from the context of London, “Stacking Green” is generated from the context of Saigon; and it’s one urban pleasure garden we can get excited about…

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