#COOLCONCRETE: Montreal Metro


Just like the way we see London, Montreal-based photographer Chris Forsyth doesn’t see his city the way others do. “In the metros, even the tiling of each station and the spacing of the signage was meticulously considered. I just want to show how beautiful it can be if you take the time to really look at the stations. Just take a moment to walk around and look every once in a while.”

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The Montreal Metro Project is Forsyth’s latest series, documenting the often overlooked architecture of the urban subway.

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“My sense of space and distance is drastically altered when taking the metro.” Says Forsyth, “when traveling underground in dark tunnels, you lose a sense of time and distance. When you’re underground, you only have the design of stations to tell you where you are.”

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Composed of 68 stations, each designed by a different architect between the 60s and 70s, the Montreal Metro system is as diverse and idiosyncratic as the city it underpins. Artists like Jean-Paul Mousseau, Marcelle Ferron and Germain Bergeron created the sculptures, stained glass, and murals that make them look as much like galleries as transit stations. Forsyth captures the stations empty of passengers, highlighting their architecture and reframing them in a manner rarely experienced.

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It’s not often you see London’s Underground as empty as Montreal’s… we may have to book a holiday to Montreal just to ride the Metro.

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