Softshell V3.0: the Foxhall Team speaks out


The first Softshell hoodie – Garrick – arrived into our lives in September 2013.  Now, two years down the line with the arrival of the Garrick hoodie, its Reed bomber and Shute gilet softshell partners – we thought it time to share how our lives have been impacted by this remarkable fabric called Softshell.

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The first Softshell Collection in A/W2013 – just the Garrick hoodie in 2 colours 

We signed off a small production as we weren’t sure how it would be received, but after only two weeks on the shop floor we were ordering more…  and it hasn’t stopped since then.

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The A/W2014 Collection – building on success – we improved Garrick subtly and added the Reed Bomber and Shute Gilet into the mix, which helped to bring Softshell style and functionality to different elements of wardrobe building.



For S/S2015 we introduced Nautical Blue – our signature Foxhall colour – which is bold but actually quite easy to wear, with a strong sporting/active statement.

And as one of our best clients said to us recently: “It’s the ultimate flexible second layer: adaptable to different temperatures and weather conditions, comfortable and good looking to boot…”

AW15_Look_10 AW15_Look_8

For A/W2015 panels are updated to enhance a body-contoured look and give a more technical aspect to each product. A new deeper darker Navy blue is introduced, and internals are given the ‘Tron’ treatment with nautical blue tape and rubber branding.

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Martin wears the Garrick in Nautical Blue

Martin: “It feels a bit like putting on an advanced super-shell that knows exactly how to beat the elements – like there are 6 layers of protecting functionality between you and the wind, the rain and the cold.  And to top it all it just looks so great – wearing something as comfortable as your favourite jersey hoodie but somehow the fabric and trim combine to make it look sophisticated and expensive and you look, well, clever.  A lot of other outerwear in my wardrobe doesn’t get a look-in now because so many times Softshell does the job better.  On its own, smart or casual or layered into a warmer look, to me it’s ultimate urban dressing.”






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Dave wears the Reed in Black

Dave: “Before I leave the house for the day, the one piece of kit that remains constant is my softshell hoodie or bomber because its comfortable, practical and is ready for whatever our London weather has to throw at it “








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Alex wears the Garrick in Navy

Alex: “I am not a hoodie person, at all, but this isn’t a hoodie, it’s a Soft Shell… literally.
My life has, quite frankly, be revolutionised since getting my first Softshell. At any given situation it’s the perfect piece of outwear; Night out in the cold of London? Check: The thermal regulator keeps you warm; Stuck on the Central Line as the entire world seems to get on at Bank? Check: Softshell lets you breathe so you don’t over heat; Unpredictable winter weather causes a downpour? Check: The water resistant fabric just lets water run off like a ducks back. Need to look cool for night out? Checkmate. So, I guess I am a hoodie person.”

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