#COOLCONCRETE: Lieptgas Edition


As you walk through the Flims forest of Switzerland, from a distance there looks to be just-one-more decaying wooden cabin dotting the forest… but draw nearer and you’ll find that this particular cabin is actually made of concrete.

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By using the logs that were once just-one-more wooden cabin on that very spot, the architects – Selina Walder and Georg Nickisch –  have created a fossilised version through a form work cast of using the original overlapping logs that made up the cabin; but now formed of the original negative space.

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The main room upstairs contains the hearth, a small eating area located at a window with views to the surrounding forest, and a heated bench providing the perfect view through a skylight and the canopy of a large Birch tree.

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A sinuous staircase leads below ground, the bedroom is well insulated by the enveloping earth… here one sleeps in silence, all but unknown to us in London. A large window reveals an existing rock which is allowed to almost intrude into the home, sitting as a feature piece that gives the smooth angular nature of the home a touch of nature and organic textures.

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Crepuscular light falls through the gap between rock and house. In front of the window a bathtub is incorporated in a big heated concrete plinth… so although heated, could this concrete get any cooler?

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Source: Archdaily

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